Faculty, Staff & Associates

Faculty – UBC Vancouver

Dr. Murray Isman
Dean Emeritus, Applied Biology; Interim Director, Wine Research Centre



cropped-vivien-measday.jpgDr. Vivien Measday: Associate Professor, Food, Nutrition and Health.  Associate member, Michael Smith Laboratories and Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Department of Biology, UBC-Okanagan

cropped-simone-castellarin.jpgDr. Simone Diego Castellarin: Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Viticulture & Plant Genomics, Applied Biology, Associate member, Department of Biology, UBC-Okanagan


Dr. David McArthur: Lecturer, Applied Biology & Food, Nutrition and Health

Associates – UBC Vancouver

Dr. Joerg Bohlmann: Professor and Associate Director, Michael Smith Laboratories, Department of Botany, Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences

Associates – UBC Okanagan

Dr. Michael Deyholos, Professor, Biology;  co-Interim Director

Dr. Daniel Durall, Associate Professor, Biology

Dr. Miranda Hart, Associate Professor, Biology

Dr. Susan Murch, Professor and Canada Research Chair in Natural Products Chemistry

Dr. Donna Senese, Associate Professor & Associate Head, Geography

Dr. Wesley Zandberg, Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Dr. Gino DiLabio, Professor & Dean pro tem, Irving K. Barber School of Arts & Sciences, Faculty of Management

Dr. Roger Sugden, Professor & Dean, Faculty of Management


cropped-cropped-Hennie.jpgDr. Hennie J. J. van Vuuren: Professor Emeritus and former Blythe Eagles Chair in Food Biotechnology;  Founding Director, Wine Research Centre