Wine Science Courses

UBC Degree Courses

Registered UBC undergraduate students may enrol in the following credit-based courses on the science of wine:

  • FNH 330 Introduction to Wine Science I: Principles of viticulture, enology, and wine microbiology and chemistry; marketing, regulation and classification of wines from selected regions of the world; social, economic and health aspects of wine consumption; wine appreciation.
  • FNH 335 Introduction to Wine Science II: Review of diverse styles of wine with consideration of classic wine-producing areas. Concepts in wine microbiology/chemistry; overview of steps in grape processing for diverse wine styles. Comparison of regulations for Canadian VQA systems with international systems. Wine sensory analysis.
  • APBI 443 Field Study of Wine Grape Production:┬áLectures, field trips, laboratory sessions focused on major issues related to grape and wine production. Origin of grape varieties and rootstocks, morphological features of the grapevine, training systems, canopy management strategies, berry composition, the impact of terroir on wine quality.